Tuesday, December 25, 2012

tidebuy dress review

i recently found this site through Facebook its called tidebuy and they have all these awesome cloths and very very cheap so i said to my self i have to try it so i bought 3 sweater dress's for $50 including shipping  . even though the sweater dresses were little tight on me but i'm defiantly buying again from them but i will send my measured size to be accurate .
i will let you see what i bought and judge :)

i love them
tell me what you think

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

treat yourself

we all busy with our daily life and daily schedules that be became on auto pilot and we find our self very tired ,bored and we don't feel like doing anything .
when was the last time that you have treated yourself?
only you not with anyone else ,do whatever you wanted or make a special meal for you , take this opportunity to charge your self for the rest of the day
me as a mom i find it hard to have a private time for only me .

So now i woke up 30 minutes earlier just for me time that i enjoy , its my time to drink my coffee in peace and charge for the rest of the day .and it helped so much for me  , now i'm actually look foreword for my me time .

Friday, December 14, 2012

maybe someone say it as a joke but this is well known fact of the secret if you want something you have to think about it in positive way , you don't have to think ooh how i'm gonna get it , but think you already have it and let the universe do the work 
be happy an think of better tomorrow
healther tomorrow 
happier tomorrow 
richer tomorrow